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Carmen Campos Guereta biography



Born in Jerez de la Frontera.


Her father (a reputed architect), encouraged her to take drawing and painting classes, gives her his oil briefcase and easel from the time when he was studying for her degree in Madrid. Until then, she had used the tempera paintings of her grandmother, who was a painter.

With Mr. Fermín Villaescusa he paints the first oils, in a traditional style.


She knows Mrs. Emilia Sánchez de Ibargüen's studio and receives classes where she experiments with other techniques such as watercolor and, passionate about this art, decides that she wants to dedicate herself to painting.


She is studying the first year of Art History at the University of Granada and, at the same time, she is preparing in a drawing academy for the exam in Fine Arts.

That same summer she took the exams in Seville and Madrid, finally opting for the Degree of Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid.


She entered the University of Fine Arts in Madrid where she specialized in drawing and painting. There she worked for few years the natural drawing of the human figure. However, in the painting area, she miss a more concrete guide to learning the oil-color technique.

She enjoys lessons in the engraving workshop making etchings, linoleum and Dry Point “puntaseca”. Also with the sculpture and restoration old book for paintings restoration.

She combines the studies with some works as an illustrator using the watercolor.

A trip to Mexico awakens her interest in the work and life of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.


Receive the Erasmus Scholarship to study the fifth year at the Accademia de Belli Arti di Venezia. Where she discovers the classics artist, such as Tiepolo or Tiziano.

She travels around Italy, and is attracted to digital image editing and taking Photoshop classes.

Her final university art-piece results selected for the collective exhibition of the Accademia.


Upon her return to Madrid she made murals and illustration work for different decoration and communication companies. Always under a figurative and colorful style.


Discover the art of the Restoration of easel painting, after collaborating in the restoration of El Camerín de la Virgen in the Prioral church of El Puerto de Santa María.

For four years she devoted herself almost entirely to restoration, this makes her see the importance of the durability of the life of the works, and the quality of their materials. As well as the respect for the original work and restoration criteria such as reversibility and differentiation of reintegration.


She moved to Marbella where she return to painting, which she combined with restoration, starting with the landscape and later with the portrait.

Travel to Paris and to Japan, where she enjoys Rodin's work above all.


She obtained the CAP (pedagogical adaptation course, plastic and visual arts) to work as a teacher and began to teach drawing and painting.


Make some exhibitions using the landscape subject.

2015 - Today

She starts enjoying painting her first oil portraits with great success.

She exhibits a series of oil portrait works and since then has devoted herself almost exclusively to the human figure.

Art Style

In her paintings, the importance of light and color is appreciated, whereas in her palette there is no lack of ocher, toasted shade, ultramarine blue and carmine.

Scenes that want to communicate peace, calm and serenity. She works in a constant search for the effect of color and the expressiveness of the brushstroke, where looking is the first and painting is the consequence.